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In 2004 we came to Dupont Circle to create something Washington DC had not yet seen: a salon that offers elevated craft in a decidedly unpretentious setting. Owner Melanie Smith Jones has worked to build a personal and intimate environment where the hope is that in time you'll feel like family. The distinguished Urban Style Lab team shares in her commitment to both progressive technique and developing meaningful client relationships. If you're looking for innovative cut and color, and whether it's good conversation or good music you want...Urban Style Lab is for you!

Urban Style Lab is open Tuesday through Friday from 11am to 8pm, and Saturdays from 9am to 6pm.

Please call us at (202) 223-2066 to make your appointment today. Or, if you would like to book your haircuts online, call the salon and register. Once you have registered, click here.



The Benefits Of Drinking Filtered Water

Water is one of the most important sources of fluid intake for people. it is important for people to drink water in large quantities for safeguarding health. There are a number of health benefits that come from drinking healthy water. That’s right, there is something called healthy water which is very important for the human body. By drinking healthy and clean water you can do some good for your body. Some of the major benefits of drinking healthy and clean water include digestion health that helps in preventing over-absorption of harmful chemicals and sugars thus resulting in a boost to the metabolism of the body which further helps in controlling weight.  Healthy and clean water is actually filtered water which is also great at detoxifying the body resulting in the promotion of the health of the urinary tract and the kidneys. You can get the best water filters at http://alkalinewaterfilterexperts.com and thus get your thirst for filtered water-satiated at one go.

The Major Advantages of Drinking Filtered Water

Whether getting a water filter is more affordable for your house or it just makes you feel and look better, there are definitely some good reasons behind considering the point of origin or whole house water filters. There are some major health advantages of clean filtered water. It is a type of water that not only helps you in feeling better but also helps in the prevention of nasty diseases. Some of the greatest advantages of drinking filtered water are as follows:

Better Digestion

The digestive system of the human body makes use of a good amount of water. Drinking filtered water helps in preventing the excessive absorption of harmful chemicals and sugar. The entire procedure helps in boosting the metabolism of the body thus promoting regular bowel movements. Clean filtered water is considered one of the most important parts of the digestive procedure. It is important for you to have lots of water for ensuring that you8r digestive system works in the most appropriate manner.

Weight Control

The human body tends to absorb sugar in large quantities if it does not get pure and fresh water. The human body can also absorb carbohydrates resulting in an increase in the buildup of fat. Therefore, it is essential for you to have your focus on drinking filtered water in good quantities so that the metabolism of the body can be regulated which will automatically help in weight reduction.

Minerals are Obtained in Huge Quantities

Filtered water is rich in its content of valuable minerals that are very useful for the human body. A good quality filter helps in removing harmful chemicals and other contaminants from water without touching the naturally occurring minerals in water and these minerals are highly beneficial for the health of an individual.


There are several benefits of drinking filtered water but one thing that people should never underestimate is that water filters are a cost-effective addition to the house. water filters are not available at a very expensive price in the market. therefore, even the ones who do not have good earnings can easily afford them and enjoy the benefits of drinking filtered water.

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Getting Out There – What to Look for in a Quality Dating Site

Today, tons of people are now into dating – not physically but through the web. Dating sites keep on emerging nowadays and these are made for all genders and sexuality. There are some dating sites that are perfect and satisfying when it comes to performance but there are also others that do not meet the expectations and pleasure of the users.  Whether it’s foreign, like dejtingsidor, or English, like Tinder, there’s no shortage of options for people to find their match.

Are you looking for a quality dating site that you can use to find the perfect partner? Well, if you are, you have to keep in mind some considerations, because if you do, you will be able to find a high quality dating site that will never disappoint you.

Things to consider when looking for a quality dating site

If you are looking for a site that you can use when you want to look for that special someone, here are the things to look into in order for you to find what you are looking for.


Nobody wants to use a dating site that is filled with fakes. Hence, it is best to look into the authenticity of a dating site because it will give you an idea whether the site is indeed true or just a scam. In order to know its authenticity, you can read reviews about the dating site.


A dating site that has quality has a great user interface. If a dating site is not responsive, it will give the user a hard time using the site since its interface is not friendly. A high-quality dating site is always responsive in order for it to be used on any device like smartphones that have small screen size.

Cost of the membership

In every dating site, membership fees are present and the price will depend on what membership you choose. A high-quality dating site will allow you to use the features of the dating site depending on the membership that you have paid. If you are able to fully maximized the perks of the dating site and it gave justice to the value, then you are in a quality one because these kinds of sites will always live to its promises.

Payment Method

When paying on a dating site, you are given options when it comes to payment. If you want to use a quality dating site, you should know if the payment methods are legal.


When using a dating site, your safety will always be the top priority. A quality dating site gives importance on the safety of the user. Check if your data are protected and will not be stolen easily. When a dating site is safe, it only shows that the dating site is giving vitality to its quality.


A quality dating site has already set a good reputation because of its excellent service towards the users. If a dating site only provides fake members or does not live on the services provided, skip that and look for the ones that have a great reputation in the industry because it is truly made with quality.

Dating today is now made easy because of the plethora of dating sites that are now available. With so many options, there’s no need to rush.  Test out a few, see which one meets your fancy, and then get to it!…

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How to choose the right style for your prom dress

With prom practically around the bend, making sense of how to pick the ideal prom dress might go after your brain in an unhealthy way! All things considered, you’ll need to devote a lot of time into picking the right dress, so we figured we give you a little head start into finding the perfect one.

Where Can Teens Spot Prom Trends?

Take signs from what we saw on celebrity main street, magazines, and what you are finding in the stores now to discover the absolute most looked for styles of the season.

Style 1711p2692 from Terani is an incredible option for teens that they can choose for this amazing night.

As you can see, wearing something like this will allow you to get some serious attention and jealousy from everyone else at prom.

However, there’s plenty more to choose from, so start early.  Begin hunting down your ideal dress by flipping through magazines and online to perceive what sort of dress you are most pulled into. At that point hit the stores on account of what you’re searching for. Attempt to try on at least 10 dresses, so you aren’t just picking the first one you see that you like…your concept of the ideal dress may change as you begin to try them on.  So, it’s key to test, and test a lot!

Which Length Dress is Best?

Short is the approach in 2017! We have at last said farewell to the customary perspectives that long outfits are the best way to go. Obviously, long outfits and just underneath the knee can stun also (see above). Go for what looks best and overlook the hemline. The key is the thing that looks best on you and makes you feel extraordinary. In the case of going short in any case, detail is entered with a specific end goal to keep it prom commendable, think bind, bows, sequins and unsettles.

Step by step instructions to Pick the Perfect Prom Dress

Some basic tips to recall are:

For a fuller figure, attempt a realm midriff and a shorter stitch. A realm midriff will give you a long lean outline.

Triangle: – (Small on top and heavier base). Go for a more drawn out bodice with full skirts to cover the hip territory. Search for clamped midriffs and top sleeves to make a more adjusted look.

Upset triangle: – (Fuller on top)- Search for dresses with exceptionally basic neck areas, no unsettles, bows or roaching on top that will just attract regard for that zone. Make adjust with a fuller skirt.

Thin and no bends (Slender): – Create bends with an air pocket stitch or A-line dress. Search for detail on top, which will give the hallucination of something more. You can likewise play up your qualities with a story length ball outfit. Don’t hesitate to wear designs and to pick whatever shading suits you best.

Short: – Shorter hemlines are the best. Search for mid-calf or mid-knee dresses that won’t overwhelm your little casing. The Little detail and strong hues are best so everybody sees you and not just the dress.

What Accessories are Hot for Prom?

On the off chance that you need to change your look, you can get a little crazy with your hair.  After all, you only get to do prom once, so you might as well go big for that extraordinary look. A unique hairstyle can be exceptionally hot for prom night. Different frill that is hot this year are rhinestone barrettes, bloomed or twisted headbands, beaded grip totes, and strappy metallic heels.


Hopefully now you have some good ideas for what you can do on your big night.  Prom is an amazing experience, so make sure you take your time picking out your dress, and most importantly, have a blast!…

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When SEO led us to success!

Search Engine Optimization is revolutionizing digital marketing. It has become an increasingly demanding skill for many website owners. Since they can’t do the optimization and developing at the same time, they go for SEO experts. There have been many happenings where SEO saved a mega project from going down into drains. Search engine optimization is actually saving our lives in digital marketing. We would like to share a few success stories related to SEO in this article. We will talk about this in a general fashion though, abiding any names.

1- A Brick Company stones all competitors:

A Ohio based company was suffering plight in business mainly because they could not fathom how to give their webpage a boost and promote it in higher Google search link results. Fortunately for them, they did the right thing and asked a SEO company to help them in sorting out their matters. The main problem which the hired company had to deal with was how to improve the current status of website. It was pretty much in dumps but nevertheless, SEO Company took the challenge. They did a few basic thingsto help you Grow your business in response to this challenge. One, they improved the content on website, making it more compatible with the existing businesses. Hence, they begin to get audience from concerned parties. Secondly, they updated website for Brick Company time to time. Hence, the newer products produced by brick company were well advertised. Now your mind must be asking the same question which our mind asked us. Did this strategy help in increasing leads and business? Of course it did! They recorded a record 80% boost in traffic. It sounds crazy but one SEO company did the wonders all by themselves. That is a success alright!

2- Tourism agency finally gets its visitors:

A travel agency which was suffering from low ratings in Google and other search engines also took the wise decision to hire a SEO company. The hired search engine optimizers made a careful study and devised a strategy which they believed would work for their client. This involved no rocket science. All they did was that they focused on a particular destination at first. For example, we could say that they focused on Hawaiian Islands. Once, a cloud was created about Hawaii, traffic started coming that way. Now it was all a child’s play to the SEO Company. They improved website’s design, redefined content and kept it updated with recent plans and schemes of the travel agency. They were bound to hit the lottery and sure enough, they did manage to increase the traffic by 40% in a very short span of time. All thanks to SEO, a travel agency got a deserved boost!

These two cases make one thing crust clear. SEO is a life savior for digital market!

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